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Discoverers (18-24 months)

24 month old child

It’s hard to imagine how much children can grow in just 18 months! One minute, they need all the care and attention being the parent of a baby demands. The next they’re walking, talking—and occasionally? Driving you a little crazy.

At this age, it’s natural for a child to be fussy, stubborn and more than a little hard headed. That’s why they need additional encouragement and activities to develop burgeoning social skills and tolerance. Our Discoverers program is designed to foster both their sense of self esteem as well as patience and inclusivity. Because at this age, self awareness needs to be tempered by mutual respect.

While our weekly lessons are planned in advance, there’s plenty of spontaneous activities at Windsor Montessori. Our teaching methods are based on enthusiasm and personal focus, and we extend that same passion to your child’s growth. This allows our teachers to get to know each child’s strengths and weaknesses so they can personalize each lesson to be more inclusive and enjoyable for all our children.


Each daily report we provide for you will update you on their learning in addition to meals, naps, toilet training and daily activities.

What Can You Expect From Our Discoverers Curriculum?

  • Our program is the foundation for all our classroom activities and lesson plans. For toddlers, we’ve developed an intensive plan of interactive learning games that encourage early childhood education through play.

  • The introduction of The Beginner’s Bible, our biblical curriculum that introduces children to the main characters and narratives of the Gospels through stories and activities

  • Frog Street Curriculum, a child centered program that emphasizes all areas of development, including social and emotional skills and self-confidence building exercises

  • Personalized activities designed to boost self-certainty and confidence

  • Sign language to help strengthen early communication skills

A Guide To Early Toddler Development

Here’s some of the specific achievements you might expect from your toddler at this age. Our staff are trained to look for and notify parents when these achievements are met. Keep in mind that each Keep in mind that each early toddler develops at their own pace. Inability to meet these guidelines should not be considered a cause for concern:


  • Carrying large toys or several toys while walking (12-15 months)

  • Learning to walk alone without assistance (12-26 months)

  • Pulling toys behind while walking (13-16 months)

  • Learning to run or jog stiffly (16-18 months)

  • Climbing up and down from furniture without assistance (16-24 months)


Language Development

  • Scribbling spontaneously (14-16 months)

  • Following simple one or two step instructions (14-18 months)

  • Repeating words when prompted or heard (16-18 months)

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