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Inventors (4-5 year olds)

Children Cooking

If there’s one thing a pre-Kindergarten child knows, it’s how to be inventive. But they’re also at a transition point in their lives and need support and guidance to make the process seamless. And our Inventors program establishes a more structured approach to learning and playing, combining class instruction and group activities with supervised play to ensure they’ll be prepared for the challenges they’ll face in Kindergarten.

Our program helps four and five year olds develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for success in Kindergarten, in addition to more complex social skills, math skills and language development. We’ve designed it to be immersive as possible, with plenty of hands on activities in addition to our educational curricula and reviews.

Our teachers provide assessments and progress reports every three months to keep parents informed on their child’s development.

What Can You Expect From Our Inventors Curriculum?

  • Our Creative Curriculum© program for pre-Kindergarten uses exploration and discovery as a learning tool and is designed to encourage confidence, creativity and problem solving skills in your two year old. Social skills, math, problem solving, art and even technology are combined throughout each day to ensure a balance of nurturing, learning, curiosity and fun.

  • Our Beginner’s Bible Curriculum, introducing children to the stories and characters of The Bible with engaging stories, fun activities and animated videos.


Below are some of the basic milestones we look for in a child entering the pre-Kindergarten, in addition to academic and developmental achievement and local school district Kindergarten preparedness:


  • Standing on one foot for 10 seconds or longer

  • Can hop, skip and turn somersaults

  • Pouring and cutting while supervised

  • Catching a bounced ball the majority of the time


  • Agreeing to rules and cooperating with others

  • Singing, dancing and acting

  • A greater sense of independence 

  • Enjoying new things

  • Talking about their interests

Hand And Finger Skills

  • Copying geometric patterns

  • Drawing person with body

  • Practicing handwriting and penmanship

  • Dressing and undressing without assistance

  • Full or partial toilet training


  • Knowledge of grammatical rules and usage of future tense

  • Speaking in sentences of more than 5 words

  • Singing a song or nursery rhyme from memory

  • Telling longer stories

  • Knowing parts of their address


  • Knowing basic concepts of everyday things, such as money and manners

  • Understanding the idea of counting with clarity

  • Remembering and recalling parts of a story

  • Drawing a person with two to four body parts

  • Playing with basic card and board game

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