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Program Goals

Enrich Your Child’s Life At Imagine Nation

​Enrichment. It’s a term often talked about, but rarely practiced. But at Windsor Montessori, we don’t just see ourselves as early childhood educators. Our primary goal in to nourish and enrich the potential of our students. To help them cultivate their strengths and provide an educational experience which is unique and individually focused. As we often say, it’s the children who teach us more than we can hope to teach them.

Our Goals As A Learning Center:

  • To provide caring and flexible learning centers to families throughout Texas

  • To foster open dialogue between our staff, children and parents

  • To promote self-esteem, growth, independence, and individuality in all children

  • To encourage creativity in a safe and nurturing environment

Our Goals For Children:

  • To foster a positive identity based on self-understanding, compassion and tolerance

  • To promote social and emotional well-being

  • To encourage literacy and language development

  • To encourage physical development and coordination

  • To encourage positive creative expression

  • To encourage children to think, reason, question and experiment in a creative and supporting atmosphere

Our Classroom Organization

​Our classrooms are organized into by opportunities for learning, and include dramatic play, art, libraries, block-building and writing. The toys, furniture, and supplies in each classroom are also organized with pictures and word labels to provide a print-rich environment encouraging literacy.

Our Nurturing Schedules

​Teachers need to provide a delicate balance between structure, freedom and security. The general schedule that our teachers follow both monitoring, guidance and imagination, while flexibility allows for child led ideas and initiatives catering specifically to their developmental needs.

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