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Safe and Secure at Imagine Nation

At Imagine Nation, we take security seriously. That’s why we check daily for any safety hazards and discuss safety in detail with the children. Not to frighten children, but to encourage an awareness of the difference between safe and unsafe play.

But that sense of security doesn’t just end with awareness of safety hazards. Our administrators and educators go under strict background checks and receive CPR and First Aid certification, in addition to a minimum of 24 hours worth of continuing education classes yearly. All Infant and administration staff must undergo SIDS training and each bus driver receives yearly safety training.

We take additional measures in security with an entrance door that locks at all times and is only accessible through the use of a personal pin number or fingerprint scanner. All new individuals picking up children are required to show ID regardless of relation.

Imagine Nation knows you take safety and security seriously. So do we. We know you wouldn’t accept anything less.

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